EasyEclipse Plugins

Here, you will find a set of plugins that we recommend. We are packaging them and testing them to validate that these plugins:

The plugins will work best with an EasyEclipse Distribution. They may work with another distribution of Eclipse, but we do not test with other distributions. In particular, dependencies may not be handled correctly.

On Windows and Mac OS X, an installer makes a plugin easy to add to your installation of EasyEclipse. On Linux, simply untar and run the installation script from the command-line

Complete installation instructions are available in the Help section.

Web development

Tools for web page development.

Eclipse HTML Tidy

Format and validate HTML, XHTML and XML documents within your favorite editor.

   more info...       download: (380KB)   (372KB)   (284KB)


Edit HTML web page visually.

   more info...       download: (924KB)   (708KB)   (628KB)

Eclipse Web tools editors

Edit and validate XML, XSL, XML Schemas, DTD, HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. Test and validate web services.

   more info...       download: (18MB)   (18MB)   (17MB)

Amateras HTML and XML editor

Edit HTML, JSP, XML and CSS files.

   more info...       download: (3.6MB)   (3.8MB)   (3.4MB)

J2EE support

Tools to develop with J2EE technologies (EJBs, servlets) and tools to manage J2EE servers.

Note that some of those plugins have dependencies on other plugins, so it may easier to install the Server Java distribution.

Eclipse J2EE Tools

Create and deploy J2EE based applications, including Servlets, JSP and EJB.

   more info...       download: (7.6MB)   (7.8MB)   (7.5MB)

Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher

Start, stop, and manage Tomcat and WAR files without leaving Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (248KB)   (240KB)   (156KB)

Weblogic Server Plugin for Eclipse

Start, stop and manage a WebLogic server. Run and debug applications on a Weblogic server.

   more info...       download: (1.2MB)   (1.1MB)   (1.0MB)

JBoss IDE with AOP and EJB3

Develop, deploy, test and debug JBoss-based applications, with support of Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 and Aspect-Oriented Programming.

   more info...       download: (17MB)   (17MB)   (17MB)

Database management and persistence

Tools to access, edit and manipulate relational database from within Eclipse; and plugins to manage Hibernate (DB persistence in Java). Some of there tools are redundant. We need your feedback to decide which are the best to keep.


Access, manage and query SQL relational database and servers access using standard JDBC drivers.

   more info...       download: (5.2MB)   (5.5MB)   (5.1MB)

DB Schema Viewer

Create a visual diagram of a relational database schema, with support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird.

   more info...       download: (1.3MB)   (1.3MB)   (1.2MB)

Eclipse Database tools

Access, manage and query SQL relational databases and servers.

   more info...       download: (2.2MB)   (2.2MB)   (2.1MB)


Generate Hibernate mapping files and leverage the Hibernate roundtrip tools.

   more info...       download: (4.1MB)   (4.3MB)   (4.0MB)

Hibernate Tools

Edit Hibernate mappings, execute HQL queries and develop applications with Hibernate, a Java persistence and object-relational mapping framework.

   more info...       download: (23MB)   (23MB)   (23MB)

Essential utilities

Those utilities are non-intrusive and can greatly increase your productivity on Eclipse. Perhaps they should be part of all EasyEclipse distributions.

Color Editor

Edit with syntax highlighting over 100+ file formats.

   more info...       download: (580KB)   (540KB)   (464KB)

AnyEdit Tools

Useful right-click menus in editors: "Open file under cursor", "Open type under cursor", et cetera.

   more info...       download: (252KB)   (248KB)   (164KB)


Cut and paste with multiple clipboards at the same time.

   more info...       download: (256KB)   (240KB)   (160KB)

Eclipse Utils Plugins

Save the cursor position of editors when closing and re-opening a file. Access common team actions with explorer buttons.

   more info...       download: (124KB)   (108KB)   (28KB)


Build, test and evaluate regular expressions with support for Perl, Awk and Java regex.

   more info...       download: (776KB)   (760KB)   (676KB)


You may not need these goodies, but they can be useful at times.

XPath Plugin

Evalute XPath expression in the outline view of that simple xml editor.

   more info...       download: (392KB)   (380KB)   (300KB)

Orangevolt EclipseXSLT

Edit XSLT stylesheets, launch XSL transformations and test Xpath expressions.

   more info...       download: (4.8MB)   (5.0MB)   (4.7MB)

Build User Libraries

Build user libraries from Zip files.

   more info...       download: (1004KB)   (972KB)   (900KB)


View and edit Java Archive files.

   more info...       download: (140KB)   (128KB)   (44KB)

GraySky Logwatcher

Monitor any log file within Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (372KB)   (360KB)   (276KB)


Monitor Log4J logs withing Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (596KB)   (584KB)   (496KB)

OpenOffice Integration Plugin

Integrate OpenOffice documents in an Eclipse project without Microsoft OLE.

   more info...       download: (2.0MB)   (2.0MB)   (1.9MB)

EclipseDocs - Apache javadocs

Access the Ant and Velocity documentation within Eclipse help.

   more info...       download: (8.2MB)   (8.4MB)   (8.0MB)

Desktop development

Support for desktop application development, including development of Eclipse plugins.

Plugin Development Environment

Develop, test, debug, build and deploy Eclipse plugins and rich client applications.

   more info...       download: (5.6MB)   (5.8MB)   (5.5MB)

Source code for the Eclipse Platform and Java Development Kit

The source code for the Platform and Java Development Kit, as well as some documentation on writing Eclipse plugins.

   more info...       download: (51MB)   (51MB)   (51MB)

Eclipse Visual Editor

Build visual user interfaces for Swing, SWT and Eclipse RCP applications with a graphical editor.

   more info...       download: (5.6MB)   (5.4MB)


Create native windows installers for your applications with NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).

   more info...       download: (3.7MB)   

Fat Jar Eclipse plugin

Deploys an Eclipse java project into one executable jar with all dependencies included.

   more info...       download: (264KB)   (252KB)   (168KB)


Run and debug Java Archive files.

   more info...       download: (104KB)   (92KB)   (8.0KB)

Programming languages

Support for the most popular LAMP programming languages.

PHP Eclipse

Edit, run, test, debug and deploy PHP applications.

   more info...       download: (9.2MB)   (9.4MB)   (9.1MB)


Edit, run, debug and refactor Python and Jython applications.

   more info...       download: (2.8MB)   (2.8MB)   (2.5MB)

Ruby Development Tools

Edit, test, run and debug Ruby applications.

   more info...       download: (3.9MB)   (4.1MB)   (3.8MB)

Eclipse Perl Integration

Edit, run, debug Perl scripts and applications. Test and evaluate regular expressions.

   more info...       download: (2.9MB)   (3.1MB)   (2.7MB)

Framework support

Support for various client- and server-side frameworks.


Develop, test and deploys Java Mobile (J2ME) mobile applications.

   more info...       download: (2.6MB)   

Spring IDE

Develop, manage and deploy Spring Framework based applications.

   more info...       download: (2.5MB)   (2.5MB)   (2.4MB)


Develop and manage Struts application configurations visually.

   more info...       download: (688KB)   (668KB)   (592KB)

Amateras IDE

Edit HTML, XML and JSP. Manage Struts and Java Server Faces configuration files visually.

   more info...       download: (9.1MB)   (9.6MB)   (9.3MB)


Create, test and deploy Ruby on Rails applications.

   more info...       download: (4.0MB)   (4.2MB)   (3.9MB)

Aston Wizards

Create template applications with wizards for web applications (JSP, XML, Struts) and design patterns.

   more info...       download: (388KB)   (320KB)   (232KB)

Advanced development

Support for advanced, specialized or experimental development languages and tools.

Euromath XML Editor

Edit and process XML documents visually.

   more info...       download: (9.8MB)   (10.0MB)   (9.7MB)

Vex: Visual Editor for XML

Edit and process document-style XML documents visually with support for Docbook , XHTML and DITA.

   more info...       download: (1.8MB)   (1.8MB)   (1.7MB)

AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT)

Edit, run, debug and navigate aspect oriented Java applications with AspectJ.

   more info...       download: (16MB)   (16MB)   (16MB)

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Designer

Design, deploy and manage business reports and charts.

   more info...       download: (27MB)   (27MB)   (27MB)

Eclipse JavaCC plugin

Edit and compile JavaCC and JJTree grammar.

   more info...       download: (1.9MB)   (1.8MB)   (1.8MB)


Edit, manage and build LaTeX documents and BibTeX entries.

   more info...       download: (1008KB)   (988KB)   (900KB)

JBoss jBPM Process Designer

Design visual process flows for jBPM.

   more info...       download: (20MB)   (19MB)   (19MB)

Build tools

Tools to help build process. They aren't a lot of them because with Eclipse (and Ant), you have already pretty much all you need.

MevenIDE Maven Eclipse integration.

Maven 1.0.x Eclipse integration.

   more info...       download: (6.5MB)   (7.0MB)   (6.6MB)

Source control

Integration with various Source Control systems. Remember that CVS is supported by Eclipse out-of-the-box.

Clearcase plugin for Eclipse

Access ClearCase without leaving Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (544KB)   (532KB)   (452KB)


Access and manage Subversion repositories within Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (6.2MB)   (6.3MB)   (6.0MB)

MS Visual Source Safe (VSS) in Eclipse

Access Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) in Eclipse.

   more info...       download: (804KB)   

Change Log

Create CVS changelogs for Java, C and C++ code in the "GNU style" changelog format.

   more info...       download: (268KB)   (256KB)   (172KB)

Code quality and test

Various plugins to measure code quality and run tests.

Solex Web Application Testing

Automate the testing of web application with user interface and stress scripted testing including automated recording .

   more info...       download: (2.2MB)   (2.1MB)   (2.0MB)

Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse

Perform style, metrics and consistency checks on your Java code, reported as problem markers.

   more info...       download: (6.9MB)   (7.1MB)   (6.8MB)

PMD Eclipse Lite

Analyse your Java code for potential issues reported as problem markers and quick fixes.

   more info...       download: (2.0MB)   (2.0MB)   (1.9MB)

State of Flow Eclipse Metrics plugin

Compute quality metrics on your Java code, reported as problem markers. Create code metrics reports.

   more info...       download: (848KB)   (832KB)   (752KB)

FindBugs plugin

Find hidden bugs in your Java Code.

   more info...       download: (2.4MB)   (2.4MB)   (2.3MB)

Metrics plugin

Compute code metrics on your Java code and perform graphical dependency analysis.

   more info...       download: (1.9MB)   (1.4MB)   (1.4MB)

Code Analysis Plugin

Analyze the quality and coupling of your Java code using reports and graphical code metrics.

   more info...       download: (2.0MB)   (1.9MB)   (1.8MB)

Simple test for PHP

Test your PHP code with the Simpletext PHP unit test framework, and experimental support for PHPUnit2.

   more info...       download: (296KB)   (280KB)   (200KB)

Internal components

These components are only released as part of an EasyEclipse distribution. We list them here for reference.

Java for Windows

Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use.

   more info...      

Java JDK for Windows

Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use.

   more info...      

Java for Linux

Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use.

   more info...      

Java JDK for Linux

Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use.

   more info...      

Eclipse Platform

Shared platform services from Eclipse.

   more info...      

Eclipse Java Development Tools

Edit, compile, run, debug, test, refactor, document and deploy Java applications.

   more info...      

Eclipse Tools

Support for data, xsd and java modelling and manipulation, and graphical editing.

   more info...       download: (6.3MB)   (6.5MB)   (6.2MB)